Community Resources

Professional services

If you want some LSC extensions, a whole identity project or third level support, you can contact one of the companies listed on the following page: list of companies providing professional services on LSC

This page is quite long, so here are the basics. Details below.

Places to discuss LSC

Mailing lists

This is the best place to ask a question if you need help on a complex problem. Start on the users list.

When possible, try to provide as much detail as possible in your message: LSC version, your configuration, detailed logs, etc… But don't worry if you can't, we won't get mad! :)

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IRC channel

We meet on IRC in #lsc-project on Libera Chat

This is a great place to come and chat about the project, get help on some details, or just complain or troll about how it just never works right for you ;-)

Bugs and features

You found a bug? Oh dear. Please report it on our bugtracker.